Wondering about getting an Altice SIM card for your trips to the Dominican Republic? Follow this guide to learn about your options.

Altice SIM Card

I. Quick Facts about Altice

Altice DR is a major telecom provider known for its coverage, speeds and diverse communications services nationwide.

  • Established: 2005 (took over operations from Codetel)
  • Subscribers: Over 3 million customers (as of 2022)
  • Services provided: Mobile, landline, broadband internet, IPTV, data centers, fiber optics.
  • Stores: Retail locations across the country including flagship stores in Santo Domingo.
  • Awards: Recognized as the fastest mobile network for the last two years by Ookla Speedtest Analytics.
Altice SIM Card for Tourists

II. Dominican Republic Altice Coverage and Speed

Altice Coverage in Dominican Republic

Altice SIM card - Coverage map
Altice – Coverage map. Source: nperf.com

Altice maintains extensive 4G LTE coverage across the Dominican Republic, reaching over 95% of the population. The mobile network provides reliable connectivity in major urban centers like Santo Domingo.

Coverage also spans most towns and many rural locations, though data speeds may be somewhat slower in remote areas. Through use of multiple spectrum bands, Altice is able to maximize population coverage nationwide

Altice Speed

Altice Speed test - Download Speed
Altice Download Speed
Altice Speed test - Upload Speed
Altice Upload Speed

Altice consistently ranks as one of the fastest networks in the DR according to independent tests by Ookla. Average nationwide 4G download speeds on Altice’s network are around 25-35 Mbps and Upload speeds generally range from 8-15 Mbps on average nationwide

So, Altice subscribers can experience reliably fast LTE speeds thanks to ongoing network optimization,

III. Altice Connectivity Options for Travelers to Dominican Republic

Altice Connectivity Options

Option Pros Cons
Altice SIM card Convenient and affordable fixed cost for usage May need to unlock foreign phones
No roaming costs
Coverage across Altice 4G network
Pocket wifi Connects all devices simultaneously Accumulation of daily rental fees
Data usage limits apply
Roaming Familiar phone number Expensive per MB usage rates when roaming
No extra SIM card purchase Lower speeds compared to local SIM

So, purchasing a prepaid Altice SIM card provides the most cost effective and convenient option.

IV. Best Altice SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Let’s take a closer look at the best Altice SIM cards for tourists.

Data Package Price Internet Package Details
15GB $11.30 3GB + 12GB lifetime bonus
20GB $12.77 5GB + 15GB lifetime bonus
30GB $14.23 7GB + 23GB lifetime bonus
50GB $15.90 10GB + 40GB lifetime bonus

All SIM cards can be used for local calls and texts as well. Data speeds are capped at 1Mbps for a smooth browsing experience. SIMs are available at Altice stores airport kiosks and partner retailers.

V. Does Altice Support eSIM?

Yes, Altice began offering eSIM capability on its network in early 2022

By generating an eSIM profile that can be scanned and installed via the device settings, Altice enables the same prepaid and postpaid plans traditionally offered with physical SIMs to now be provisioned electronically on eSIM-compatible smartphones. 

Customers can request their eSIM profile directly from Altice, which activates service on Altice’s high-speed 4G LTE network just as a physical SIM.

VI. Where Can You Buy an Altice SIM Card and eSIM?

6.1 Where to Buy Altice SIM Cards in Dominican Republic Republic

  1. Upon Arrival: One of the most convenient places to purchase an Altice SIM is upon arrival at the airport.
Getting Altice SIM Card at Airport
Getting Altice SIM Card at Airport
  1. Altice Stores: You can find the nearest location, check Altice website or ask staff for assistance.
altice store
  1. Other Authorized Retailers: Major retailers across Dominican Republic such as Supermercados Nacional sell Altice SIM cards

6.2 Where to Buy Altice eSIMs

  • Online at altice.com.do: Visit Altice’s website and fill out a simple form providing your contact and device details. An eSIM profile will be emailed to you for installation.
  • Altice Stores: Visit any of Altice’s retail locations nationwide. An associate can assist you with filling out the form and activating your eSIM profile onsite.
  • Altice App: Download the Altice Dominicana app for iOS or Android. Under the “eSIM” section, start a new activation and complete the online form from your phone.

VII. How to Activate Altice SIM Card/eSIM

7.1 Altice Dominican Republic SIM Card

  1. Insert SIM into device slot.
  2. Power on device for recognition.
  3. SIM will auto-activate or dial *123# for manual registration.
  4. APN not usually needed but check website.
  5. Confirmation SMS received once registered.

7.2 Altice Dominican Republic eSIM

  1. Download eSIM profile from email.
  2. Power on device and accept profile addition.
  3. Go to cellular settings, select eSIM as default.
  4. Services ready for immediate use in Dominican Republic Republic.

Please check your detailed instructions below:

VIII. Dominican Republic Altice Call & SMS Rates

Altice offers competitive rates for both local and international calls and texts.

Dominican Republic Altice Call & SMS Rates

Package Call Rate (US$/min) Local SMS (US$) International SMS (US$)
Prepaid Basic $0.03 $0.02 $0.05
Prepaid Standard $0.02 $0.015 $0.03
Postpaid Standard $0.01 $0.01 $0.02
Postpaid Plus $0.005 $0.005 $0.01

Overall, Altice ranks as one of the more affordable providers for domestic and international communications in the Dominican Republic.

IX. Useful USSD Codes for Altice SIM Card/eSIM

USSD codes are quick and convenient ways to access various services and information on your SIM card or eSIM. Here are some useful USSD codes for Altice SIM cards and eSIMs:

Useful USSD Codes for Altice SIM Card/eSIM

Code Description
#101# Check balance and validity
#123# Activate SIM
*188# Check account information
*123# Renew SIM card
*111# Check data bundle plans
103111# Activate data bundle
104123# Reach customer support

X. How to Top-up Altice SIM card/eSIM

Here are the main ways to top-up an Altice SIM card/eSIM in the Dominican Republic:

  • Online via the Altice Dominicana website (altice.com.do). Select “Recarga” to top-up and pay with a credit/debit card.
  • Altice App. Download the Altice App and top-up directly within the app by selecting “Recarga”.
  • Retail Stores. Top-up in person at Altice Centers, authorized dealers, or shops displaying the Altice logo. Cash or card accepted.

It’s best to top-up in advance before your current plan expires to maintain uninterrupted service. Keep total balance above $5-10RD for backup.

XI. Alternatives to Altice

  • Claro – One of the largest carriers in terms of coverage throughout DR. Offers mobile plans and home internet.
  • Viva – Abitel’s prepaid mobile brand offering competitive data-focused plans starting at 1GB. Nationwide 4G.

Dominican Republic eSIM would be a great choice for high-tech tourists, as an excellent alternative to bringing a physical SIM card. They offer a variety of flexible data plans for travelers, starting from just 1GB for 3 days

Dominican eSIM plans
Dominican eSIM plans

XII. FAQs about Altice in DR

Can I use my Altice SIM card in other countries?

Yes, Altice offers international roaming services for both SIM cards and eSIMs. However, it is recommended to check the rates and activate the service before traveling.

Can I keep my Altice SIM card or eSIM for future trips?

Yes, as long as you top up your account within 90 days for eSIMs or 30 days for SIM cards, your plan will remain active.

Is it possible to switch between prepaid plans?

Yes, you can switch between different prepaid plans by topping up your account with the desired plan.

Can I use my Altice SIM card or eSIM in a hotspot device?

No, Altice does not allow the use of their SIM cards or eSIMs in hotspot devices

XIII. Final Words

Altice offers reliable and affordable connectivity options for tourists in the Dominican Republic. However, purchasing Dominican Republic eSIM is a more convenience way for a hassle-free trips. Enjoy!