The Dominican Republic has a well-developed mobile market served by several major mobile operators. This guide will help you to pick the right option.

Best Mobile Operators in Dominican

I. List of Mobile Operators in Dominican Republic

Claro: The largest provider by subscriber count, owned by Mexican company América Móvil

Claro - Top Mobile Operators in Dominican

Altice:  Formerly a fixed line provider, now challenging Claro as a leading mobile network. invests heavily in infrastructure and provides bundled internet/TV deals.

Altice - On top Mobile Operators in Dominica

Viva: Operates on America Movil’s network like Claro but has worked to expand coverage in recent years. Good choice for cost-conscious users.

Viva - Among top Mobile Operators in Dominican

II. How to Choose the Best Mobile Operator in Dominican Republic

Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

  • Coverage – Check coverage maps to see which provider has the strongest signal in areas you’ll frequent like home, work and travel routes. Rural coverage may vary.
  • Plans and Pricing – Compare starter plans and rates from each operator. Consider data allowances, rollover options, international calls and roaming charges.
  • Network Speed and Performance – Claro tend to have the fastest average speeds nationwide but local speeds vary. Do tests to compare real-world performance.
  • Customer Service – Research reviews to see which operators are known for responsive support when issues arise. Preferably one with local contacts.

III. Best Mobile Operators in Dominican Republic – Detailed Comparison

Now, let’s take a closer look at the top three mobile operators in Dominican Republic and compare their plans, coverage, and other features.

Mobile Operators in Dominica Republique

Operator Coverage & Speeds English Support Prices & Plans Other Factors
Claro Extensive nationwide 4G coverage including rural areas. Fast average speeds. Limited English support on website and customer service. Affordable starter plans and data-only options. Wide range of bundles. Most subscribers. Offers device installment plans.
Altice Expanding 4G network but largely focused in major cities and towns. Slightly slower speeds than Claro. Bilingual website and customer service available in English. Competitive plans and deals. Bundles with TV, home internet. Focus on cable TV and fixed broadband in addition to mobile.
Viva Continuing to expand and improve 3G/4G coverage outside cities. Can be variable. Minimal English online or via calls. Low-cost plans for basic talk and text. Best value choice. Owned by America Movil, plans have roaming in other markets.

In summary, Claro’s powerful nationwide coverage, fast network speeds and tailored offerings deliver exactly what tourists need to stay connected seamlessly during their trip.

IV. Where to Buy SIM Card from Dominican Republic Mobile Operators?

Here are some options to buy SIM cards from mobile operators in the Dominican Republic Republic:

  • Operator stores – All major operators like Viva, Claro and Claro have branded stores across cities to purchase SIM cards.
  • Airport – All the main international airports (Santo Domingo, Punta Cana) have SIM kiosks or stores for Claro, Altice and Viva right after customs. This is very convenient for arriving travelers.

Note: For tourists, eSIM is highly recommended instead of physical SIM for its convenience of remote activation on smartphones. eSIMs are now widely supported on latest iPhone and Android models.

V. Do Mobile Operators in Dominican Republic Offer eSIM?

Yes, some of the major mobile operators in the Dominican Republic now offer eSIM (embedded SIM) profiles for tourists and travelers:

  • Viva: Viva was one of the earliest providers of eSIM technology in DR. Its eSIM profiles can be purchased online and activated remotely on compatible iOS and Android devices.
  • Altice: Altice also distributes eSIM profiles for postpaid mobile plans targeting both residents and visitors.
  • Claro: While not widely promoted, Claro does offer limited eSIM activation services via select retail stores in major cities like Santo Domingo. Compatible devices need to be brought for setup.

By using Claro’s network, Dominican Republic eSIM provides many benefits for tourists visiting the country. With customizable data plans from 1-5GB that last 3-30 days, travelers can pick an option suited to the length of their stay.

Dominican eSIM plans
Dominican eSIM plans


Can I use my phone from another country in the Dominican Republic?

Yes, you can use your phone from another country in the Dominican Republic, but you will need to make sure it is unlocked and compatible with the local networks. Getting a Dominican SIM card permits network access and constant connectivity while traveling. Compatibility with prevalent 4G/LTE bands is key prior to visiting.

Who are the major mobile operators in the Dominican Republic?

The three largest operators are Claro, Altice and Viva.

Do they offer international roaming?

Yes, but it’s costly. Using a local SIM ensures affordable in-country rates. eSIM providers like Dominican Republic eSIM also avoid roaming fees.

Do the carriers offer 4G/LTE coverage nationwide?

Claro and Altice have extensive 4G/LTE coverage across major cities, towns and popular tourist areas. Coverage may be lower in remote rural regions.

VII. Conclusion

Choosing the best mobile operator in Dominican Republic depends on your personal needs and preferences. If widespread coverage is a top priority, Claro would be the best fit given its extensive network.

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